The last decade has experienced a lot of fitness trends in which some were useful and some were very pathetic that they should not be even allowed to be called a thing but in 2020 we can expect some great new trends.

Since we are confined to smaller places than before so wellness should also take a new meaning. Now, we’re seeing much more inventive ways to make sure that people get their wellness fixed at home or in the park. This year, home sessions have taken on a new level of intensity thanks to industry-leader Peloton.

This year initiates a new aspect of thought where people will not only be doing a workout to get six-packs but they are also giving importance to the mental benefits of exercises.

Thanks to the digital era, we will now be able to get the high-tech exercise equipment and wearables at our disposal. This year’s trends indicate a new mode of thought. Read on to learn about the top fitness trends for 2020.


Many people are aware of the “intuitive eating” concept in which a person understands the demand of the body and eats what he wants whenever he is hungry. Many health-conscious people are applying the same concept to the workouts.

 The idea behind this concept is not to exhaust one’s body with exercises when it is not ready. This method of fitness affects the type of exercise you are doing. In other words, maybe your body does not want to HIT training but just a normal jog. The person who is observing this concept of fitness will stop exercising whenever he feels that his body needs to rest instead of trying to meet the goal of the said exercise.


According to reports, the digital fitness industry generated $3.6 billion in revenue for the US alone in 2019.

“You’ll keep seeing more group fitness online classes and more fitness apps,” says Jen Tallman.

Like every industry in the world is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak but this is not stopping fitness industry from wooing their customers as some big brands like Peloton are able to offer remote fitness to their customers, and are seeing an increase in this demand as the people are forbidden from going to gyms and working out in person

According to a report, Shares of Peloton increased by 9.2% earlier this month, while downloads of its app were reportedly up five times in March compared to February. It has also introduced a home workout app which has 90-days free trial 

As social media makes video streaming easy therefore some companies like London fitness company Frame are going to stream exercise classes on demand of their audience. London fitness company Frame recently asked its audience on Instagram what exercise classes they’d want to be streamed. US gym chain, Planet Fitness, is also streaming workout videos free for two weeks on social media.


With the start of 2020, we are experiencing improved as well as new fitness gadgets. For example, The Nadi X vibrating leggings that have sensors which give you feedback during your workout and help you in keeping proper alignment.

According to Walter R. Thompson, “Wearable tech advances have made it easier than ever for users to collect important health metrics and work with fitness professionals and health care providers to improve exercise efficiency, develop healthy lifestyles, manage chronic diseases and, ultimately, increase the quality of life,”, Past president of ACSM and associate dean in the College of Education and Human Development at Georgia State University says, “From teenagers to seniors, the growing number of people using wearable technology has never been higher.”


Gymbox the pioneer of experiential new workouts are going to introduce workout with a retro twist in 2020, This Gymnasium class will take you to the old days of P.E. lessons where you can expect all the classic equipment like monkey bars, vaults, and hanging rods.

This method of the workout will introduce a sense of fun into workouts while you will be achieving balance, mobility, and strength. And don’t forget being flexible


Every magazine or studio in the past gave an idea on how to lose pounds and get a body like your favorite celebrities but, that’s all going to change in 2020

“People will start working out more for wellness and less so for chiseled abs. Instead of just being seen as a way to lose weight, fitness will become more about what it does for your mind and body,” says Matthew Knippen, C.E.O., and co-founder of Charge Running.

People will keep in mind the holistic approach. As Knippen says, “Instead of just numbers on a scale, people will start to look to other stats and figures that matter—like fasting blood sugar, blood pressure, tracking fruits and veggies, steps, cholesterol, and sleep—for long-term success instead of a short-term goal.”