Kylie Jenner bringing back vintage Chanel

In one of her most recent posts, Kylie Jenner is seen rocking vintage Chanel sunglasses. The billionaire trendsetter is dressed in head-to-toe Chanel paying homage to 90s fashion. The 90s were a very prominent time for fashion and pop culture. Long before there was a Kendall, Kaia or Gigi, there was Naomi, Cindy and Kate. One place you could find these genetically blessed faces was the Chanel Show.

Of all the runway shows in history of fashion, the Chanel runway shows in the 1990s were the most memorable. Karl Lagerfeld, who was the creative director of the French fashion house Chanel – a position held from 1983 until his death – was a giant not just of fashion but of popular culture. He transformed high fashion from a niche interest into blockbuster entertainment.

That fashion is now widely acknowledged as one of the lenses through which we look at and process the world around us – a channel to which the world tunes in, alongside music and film – is due in no small part to Lagerfeld, who installed icebergs, waterfalls, space rockets and supermarket checkouts on his catwalks, and in doing so changed fashion’s place in the universe. Although the runway shows back then were not as extravagant as they are today, they were filled with iconic looks that are being replicated by celebrities and models across instagram.

Lagerfeld’s ’90s Chanel collections mirrored, and most time foreshadowed, cultural trends that high fashion typically would not have acknowledged. At the same time, Lagerfeld wove into each garment of Coco Chanel’s legacy. Shown on the runway for Spring/Summer 1995, Lagerfeld’s mini-me version of the classic tweed suit paved the way for a new generation of Chanel women. The irreverent look spawned a mid-’90s style craze that extended from Clueless to High Street to the malls of America. The SS94 collection perfectly encapsulated the street style of the day. Models wore bucket hats, crop tops, boxy shirts with suspenders, and rainbow hair extensions.

Lagerfeld reimagined the classic Chanel staples to fit with the 90s “attitude-first” approach. Models wore over-sized camelia hair clips, often in bold colours matching the outfits, and the tweed jackets were all candy pink and yellow. These bold trends seem to be recreating themselves in fast fashion today. From over-sized hair clips to colour matching outfits, Chanel is able to bridge the gap between high fashion and fast fashion.

Chanel was at the forefront of pushing fashion and pop culture moments in the 90s so it’s no surprise that vintage Chanel is trending amongst many of the pop culture icons of today. The billionaire babe posted her Chanel fit while on holiday in the Bahamas.The rimless sunglasses with the iconic interlocking Cs logo is definitely a classic Chanel look and essential. The billionaire is able to capture a vintage Chanel look with a baby pink Chanel dress and green Chanel bag. Trends come and go, but it seems like 90s trends are taking over pop culture at the moment.