Luxury Beauty Brand Urges Customers to Recycle Your Old Beauty Product Packaging

AYOND focused on sustainability and extending the life cycle of your products.

The past few years have seen a massive increase in eco-friendly beauty with a high demand for the use of environmentally friendly ingredients, packaging and a reduction in wastage in the industry in general. The beauty industry’s carbon footprint is on a decrease, thankfully, and this is just one of the initiatives by a conscious brand to aid the process. The biggest names in beauty have joined forces to reduce wastage and lessen the environmental harm to our planet.

In addition to focusing on what ingredients go into the production of products – where they are sourced from; where the packaging is sourced from – it is just as important to consider what will happen after the product has been sold and used up. It is important to make sure there is a way for the packaging to be recycled or reused in some way, and just as crucial to ensure it does actually end up being recycled.

Founded by Shani Van Breukelen and Porter Yates, luxury beauty brand, AYOND, originated as a way to optimize skin health with natural ingredients that would also effectively deal with scarring. This was inspired by the fact that one of the founders, Van Breukelen, is in fact a burn survivor.

The line currently consists of four simple but effective products – day cream, face oil, serum and cleanser, inspiring by healing, serenity and calmness. Each is made of revitalizing ingredients including rose essence, prickly pear oil and sacha inchi. The focus rests on product development with natural, active components, along with conscious packaging and containers. The founders say this was not an easy feat, however they kept trying until they achieved their goal without compromising on environment consciousness.

The brand actually conducted a test on the life cycle of each of their products, enabling them to fully understand that their materials were effectively and sustainably sourced, as well as how they will be recycled after they are totally used up.

AYOND’s products come in glass or bakelite resin jars and bottles, which are made of 30% plant-based ingredients which are packaged in recycled waste paper. They use this in all boxes, cards, trays, sleeves etc. and finish everything off in cellophane which is… You guessed it: compostable. In fact, the packaging is beautiful aesthetically, so consumers might even want to display it on their shelves in any case!

The brand has also developed its very own program that collects the materials which are not so simple to recycle, including the resin jars and caps for some products. These are then reused or properly recycled, allowing the brand to use the materials and then dispose of them in a way that doesn’t harm the earth.

Founders say that if every brand takes responsibility for the process of resourcing sustainable materials, as well as how they will be disposed of, there would not be such a massive issue with pollution and waste on the planet. They urge brands not to pass onto the responsibility to their customer as customers sometimes lack resources to correctly recycle materials. They want consumers to make an effort to carefully select what products they are using in regards to the environment, and also what is good for their body.

AYOND is also looking at developing a re-filling program for their products soon.