New Luxury Smartwatch of the TAG Heuer is launched

Since 2015 the TAG Heuer pioneered the luxury smartwatch segment and has introduced distinct models, most recently in 2019 the Connected Modular Golf Edition was launched. And, news assured that to get anyone from high tech business owners to workout warriors (with savings) stroking their wrist in anticipation. As the new TAG Heuer Connected watch is available in boutiques and approved retailers and TAG Heuer’s online store in the United States of America, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia.

Have you thought of its value in the market? The price ranges from cheapest AU$2,600 to the priciest AU$3,400, TAG’s Connected timepieces hover between a traditional smartwatch like an Apple Watch or a Suunto and like the Carrera, a more conventional clock. TAG Heuer has put yet another flag in the sand with the third generation of its ideal connected timepiece, proving itself a leader industry both in technology and style.

If we look at the making philosophy of the TAG Heuer, the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch is a chronograph-inspired watch crafted in the most traditional watchmaking culture, with state of the art, custom-designed digital experience blended towards fulfillment. That’s not just doublespeak. TAG Heuer’s connected watch provides customers with everything from everyday correlated services contributed by Wear OS by Google. To immersive sports activities gratitude to the new TAG Heuer Sports app, which contains detailed tracking for the cycling, running golf, walking, fitness and other sessions, gratefulness to its built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor, among other sensors.

Generally, its experience on the wrist is complemented by a recently developed TAG Heuer mobile-friendly app that enables for even more comprehensive personalization and insights into the wearer’s realizations which keeps you liable. Almost eighteen months ago, this aspiring project was initiated by the TAG Heuer’s Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Frédéric Arnault. “This watch was created and designed with the same desire and consideration to detail as our mechanical watches. The excellence of execution is preeminent in everything we do, and we never arbitrate on aesthetics and sentiment. The Connected watch is not solely a gorgeous timepiece, but it’s likewise a truly immersive experience,” he explained.

“To make the use of the product automatic and effortless as possible, the navigation has been deeply cleaned. Moreover, both in daily life and during sports gatherings, it represents the brand in an entirely new way and offers countless instances in terms of innovation for tomorrow. So, the fashionable and modern Connected is a truly brand-defining product with a lot of appreciation for the talent and allegiance of our teams, which will influence the way into a current era for TAG Heuer.”