Nordstrom Launches Second-Hand Clothing Concept

Simply sustainable!

What with all the talk about sustainability and a push towards thrifting, reducing, reusing and recycling within the fashion industry, it was only a matter of time before major clothing retailers followed suit after all the high end designers moving towards this change. Thrifting and second-hand shopping helps reduce water and chemical wastage produced through the process of creating fast fashion. Additionally, these items are almost always cheaper than you would pay brand new – especially if they are luxury items that you are wanting to invest in, like a designer handbag, belt, coat or pair or shoes.

As more consumers are using second-hand clothing in their wardrobes and introducing these shopping habits into their daily lives, there has become a higher demand for these items instore. Therefore, major retailers and brands are tapping into this fast-growing market. The most recent retailer to hop on the bandwagon is American luxury department store, Nordstrom. They have recently launched the See You Tomorrow resale concept, which took around a week to arrange – an incredibly quick turnaround time. Nordstrom is a relatively small team, particularly in New York where the flagship store is located, allowing them to test different techniques when it comes to fashion.

The name, See You Tomorrow is meant to be uplifting, hopeful and optimistic, making reference to the cyclical nature of fashion and clothing pieces. ‘Tomorrow’ is always an optimistic concept.

See You Tomorrow comprises both womenswear, children’s wear and menswear, along with accessories and shoes. Items are analysed carefully by Nordstrom’s quality control center, which only qualifies clothes that have been very gently worn, returned or damaged. These items are then repaired and rejuvenated before returning to the shelves to be resold.

The concept also allows Nordstrom’s customers to participate in reselling their items too. It first launched the flagship concept in New York, however, more stores will open soon offering more customers the option to reduce, reuse and recycle and decrease their consumer carbon footprint. See You Tomorrow is currently available in the Manhattan flagship and online at

For the launch itself, each piece was carefully curated and handpicked by Nordstrom curators. Additionally, Ganni – based in Copenhagen – were invited to bring their kiosk idea to the store. Ganni provided a limited number of exclusive items made using deadstock fabric from previous collections. See You Tomorrow shoppers also have the option of selling their pre-loved items in exchange for gift cards for Nordstrom.

Particularly when it comes to luxury items, some pieces are only trendy for a season or two. Given the price tag that comes with these items, it’s no wonder there is a high demand for resale options. It doesn’t matter how old your garments are, as long as they are in good condition. After all – vintage is the new black! Additionally, when second-hand shopping you are bound to come across amazing deals when it comes to staple pieces. If you find something that has been artfully crafted, it is likely to have a long lifespan that you can add to your capsule wardrobe.