Swiss Hospitality Company, Le Bijou, provides Covid-19 package in response to pandemic

While most five star apartments and hotels in Switzerland have closed their doors, the Swiss hospitality company, Le Bijou, has recently launched a new package for guests in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Covid-19 package offers more than just shelter for quarantined locals and international guests who are following social distancing guidelines because guests can now live in hotel-like luxury.

With limited human interaction, Le Bijou’s  modern apartments in Switzerland offer perks and services including a private gym, sauna, spa, kitchen, and an option for grocery delivery.

The hospitality company is also offering Covid-19 tests and nurse care for symptomatic individuals.

A statement released on their site said: “You don’t need to expose yourself to infected patients and hospital infections: Together with our healthcare partner Double Check, we provide medical check-ups and coronavirus tests inside your Le Bijou apartment.”

The Covid-19 medical  services, have partnered with Double Check, an exclusive private health clinic in Switzerland. The test costs $500 which includes lab costs, related administration, the in-room doctor visit and results.

But it still remains unclear how long these tests will carry on for. People who do test positive for the coronavirus are transferred to a hospital with proper medical care.

As rates have dropped and travel has come to a halt, medium-sized apartment which usually cost around $1,000 per night now cost $500-600 a night.

CEO and co-founder of Le Bijou, Alexander Hübner, said they are using a lot of technology to reduce staff costs as much as possible. He also told guests: “You don’t need to interact with anyone you don’t want to.”

More and more guests have been opting out of daily cleaning services to reduce social interaction. But they are requesting cleaning supplies on their grocery delivery list.

Hübner said many customers are treating Le Bijou as a temporary home since their stay is ranging from 14 days to two months. Before the pandemic, guests would ussually stay for only two or three nights.

Although people were generally relaxed when the pandemic hit Italy, Le Bijou were still paying attention to the Coronavirus and began providing additional options and services to guests.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus is highly contagious and spreads from one person to another. Therefore people shpuld avoid groups to stop the contagion. The agency recommends staying 6 feet from other people as the disease can be passed when someone who has COVID-19 coughs or sneezes.