The Paw-fect Staycation Isn’t the Same Without Your Dog

We’ve spent every waking second with our furry companions, why should we leave them at home while we have all the fun? Lockdown affected them too! Here we will discuss tips for you to plan your staycation with your furry companion, including finding dog friendly establishments, what to pack for your dog, activities, and keeping them safe and comfortable.

Is your dog travel ready?

It only takes a quick mention of ‘Walkies’ to get our pooches excited for the grand adventure of leaving the house and walking to the park. So we know how excited they’ll be to venture even further afield. The number one priority of taking your dog away on a road trip or staycation away from home is their safety.

Ensuring your dog is safe for the road is simple. Teaching your dog simple commands is a must – this establishes that your dog will be obedient in new and exciting environments where they will be on sensory overload. Furthermore, when meeting new dogs and pups, it will assist you in controlling the environment and prevent our four-legged-friends from becoming overly excited or even overwhelmed.

With this in mind, if you expect your dog to be interacting with other animals, having your dog vaccinated is essential. Vaccinations are a strong preventative measure to help your dog avoid dangerous diseases such as parvovirus, canine distemper, and leptospirosis. This also prevents your dog from passing any diseases onto other dogs that might be enjoying their own little getaway.

What should I pack for my pooch?

Over lockdown, our dogs have been pampered more than ever. It would be difficult to take them on a vacation without considering their own creature comforts for which they have become so accustomed to. But space isn’t always an option when travelling, particularly when driving to your destination. A doggy-travel-bed that can roll up and be stored easily is an essential piece of equipment that will fit in the back of your car and add an extra component of comfort and security for your dog. Staying in a new room doesn’t have to be a strange and scary experience for your dog, provided there are familiar items to help your dog habituate in a new setting.

Toys, therefore, become a great source of familiarity and fun. Taking a couple of balls or soft plush toys will provide some much-needed entertainment during playtime. A game of fetch is never underappreciated, whether at home or on holiday.

Other essentials include drinking and eating bowls, with your dog’s favourite bit of kipper of course. A nice leash, collar, and extra poop-bags will be needed for those long walks along the beach or country park. Vacations are the perfect place to let your ears down and run away from the stresses of lockdown and everyday life on all-fours – as long as you clean up after yourself.

Where can we go?

Just because you’re taking your dog away on holiday, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality and comfortable accommodation. Nor does an excellent hotel prohibit you from staying in a location that limits the natural walking routes that your dog loves. In fact, dog friendly hotels are becoming more prominent. It’s never been easier for our closest companions to enjoy their share of the family vacation.

Areas such as the Lake District provide the best of both worlds for humans and dogs alike. Staying right on the water in Coniston Accommodation, you can step out of the luxury of a dog friendly room and straight into the natural beauty of big hills and long waterside tracks. Your dog will adore you for even more reasons after they enjoy their little getaway. Most importantly, you haven’t sacrificed the luxury of holidaying in style.

The memories of having a staycation with your best friend will live with you and your dog forever. The experiences of new environments, smells, and activities are not just vital for our personal health coming out of lockdown, but more so for our pets who have endured our ever-present company for the past five months. It’s important to remember that we’re not the only ones who have missed out on new adventures and fun activities during lockdown – our dogs have missed their long walks on the beach and meeting all of their doggy-friends as well. If you’re planning a staycation with your dog, remember: stay safe, have fun, and holiday in style.