Upcoming Fashion Trends for Men Spring/Summer 2020 as Shown on the Luxury Runway

Today, the current statement in fashion – particularly menswear – is redefining styles, silhouettes and ideals of masculinity for the upcoming season. This defeats archetypes of masculinity, success and power, highlighting the fact that designers are commentating on outdated models of patriarchy.

Over the past number of seasons in fashion, runways have displayed the question of stereotypical male toughness vs. more feminine styles. Currently, the runways are featuring elegant, sensual, romantic styles when it comes to menswear.

Here are recurring motifs in menswear right now:

The Relaxed Silhouette

Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi all pair funky printed collared shirts and relaxed tailored trousers – straight out of the 60s. D&G features a fun, tropical look in one of their shows with a blue banana print shirt and coconut print slacks, along with a sling bag and strappy sandals. Anyone fancy a piña colada? Hermes and Fendi throw it back to the 60s with retro patterned shirts and tailored, high waisted slacks. Fendi’s look featured white piping on the collared, printed shirt, with matching detail on the trousers for a modern take.

The Dress Silhouette

Salvatore Ferragamo played on the silhouette on a midi dress paired with tailored, slim trousers. Featuring silky, luxurious fabrics, these looks were elegant, sensual and questioned boundaries and meanings, values and stereotypes of masculinity.

Yves Saint Laurent featured looks reminiscent in their all new Spring 2020 campaign featuring Ezra Miller, also questioning limits of masculinity with wide leg trousers and shimmering, luxurious fabrics, pleating and blouse-like shirts with flowing sleeves.

Pretty in Pastel

Brands such as Givenchy, Ermenegildo Zegna XXX, Giorgio Armani, Dior and Louis Vuitton featured a strong pastel color palette, reminiscent of florals and ethereal styles that are both effortless, simple and beautiful.

Comfort is Key

Think easy, effortless and relaxed with runways studded with soft, comfortable suits, boxy bowling collared shirts, floaty silk blouses as shirts, jumpsuits, harem parents and tunics.

Back to the 70s

Moschino, Berluti, Stella McCartney, Emporio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna XXX and Versace are all doing it… Tie-dye has also made a comeback this year, informed by the free spirit, carefree nature of the fashion world in terms of trends right now. It doesn’t have to be loud or ridiculously bold but can be paired with other simple components for a throwback fashion statement. If you are wanting to experiment with tie-dye, ease into it with a tshirt under a blazer or suit jacket on a night out.

Shimmer and sparkle

As a commentary on the more feminine nature of fashion at the moment, designers have taken a dazzling liking to satin and shimmery fabrics. This highlights the feel-good nature of the season – using sensuous, soft, luxurious fabrics for a bit of gloss and sophistication. This also allows you to turn a day look into a simple night out look in the blink of an eye.

Sheer and sexy

The free spirited nature of the Spring/Summer 2020 is runway is also met with sheer, strong sexy looks. Brands ditched the shirts under suits and paired suit jackets with above the knee shorts for a quick transition from day to night.